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  • Structures, Buildings and Design at LES
    The student's in Mrs. Stroeder's Grade 8 class began their PAA Unit on Structures, Buildings and Design. Through 2 challenges students were asked to construct one free standing structure that was the tallest in the class using soda straws and marshmellow Full Story...
  • Cudworth School News
    Penny Carnival Cudworth School SRC hosted their annual Halloween Penny Carnival on Friday, October 30th. There were a variety of games, a haunted house, face painting, balloon animals, and a bouncy castle for the children of the community to enjoy. It Full Story...
  • Schell School News
    Getting Chilly Out Term one is complete and term two is zooming by without a pause! We are well into November which has turned into a really cold month, so make sure when you are sending your kids to school dressed in proper winter clothing so they stay Full Story...
  • Remebrance Day at Annaheim School
    On November 9th all the students of Annaheim School gathered in the gym to listen to a phone call that we had with Mr. Gullacher, who works at PAMI in Humboldt. He is involved in both the testing and designing of military equipment, in order to provide t Full Story...
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THIS WEEK IN HORIZON (November 16 - 20, 2015)
Kevin C. Garinger – Director of Education

As promised, I will compile the last two weeks into This Week in Horizon. It seems so far away from my last communication and so much has happened, it’s hard to get it all into a few short pages. I think it’s best to just apologize for the length of this edition ahead of time!

I have to start with the reason school staff had their week off, Remembrance Day. Although I was in Saskatoon on Monday and Tuesday of November 9th and 10th with the Board for the SSBA Fall General Assembly and was not able to attend any of our Remembrance Day ceremonies, I heard from the likes of MLAs, parents, community members and central office staff that our students, teachers and support staff made Horizon proud. As I had mentioned earlier, I am grateful for the work that goes into such a critical day in our calendar. There can be no more important responsibility for any of us than to take time to remember our veterans and current military personnel who put themselves in harm’s way to ensure the freedom we sometimes take for granted. I recall reading a poem during high school by Wilfred Owen in which he had the line, “Dulce et Decorum est pro patria mori”. The rough translation of the entire Latin phrase is, “It is a great and wonderful honour to fight and die for one’s country”. Owen begins the line by indicating that this phrase is “the old lie”. We know veterans did not expect to lose their lives in their missions but because we know many men and women made this greatest sacrifice, it requires our utmost in humility and reverence. On behalf of Horizon School Division, I humbly say “Lest We Forget”.


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